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HELIX Patch Collection Volume 1 2204 Crunch This patch is a fairly saturated British tone with lots of definition. It is quite a “middy” sounding patch but has been eqd to sound great when cranked up through a PA system. The patch also has Stereo Reverb applied. This can be switched in or out as required. Plexi Crunch This patch is also slightly saturated but is not harsh. The distortion is “tight and focussed”. Stereo Delay and Reverb have also been added. Rectifier Crunch Even though this amp is capable of massive amounts of gain, this patch has been created with the gain set to be more “crunchy” than fully saturated. There is still more than enough for soloing etc. The patch also has Stereo Delay and Reverb added. Whowatt Fat Strat This patch is loud, clean and fat. The standard patch does not break up when played hard but if more drive is required, turn up the drive on the amp settings. Stereo Delay, Reverb and Stereo Chorusing is included in the patch. Blackface Clean This patch is a pleasant sounding clean tone. A “Teemah” pedal has been added in front of the amp to get a bit of dirt if needed. The patch has a Stereo Reverb added. JC Clean This patch is a clean, warm tone with a lush Stereo Chorus and Delay added. SVT Bass This Bass patch is the tone that has been created with recording in mind. The patch has been eqd to help the bass fit into a mix without interfering with the other “low” instruments.
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