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Peter Hanmer is proud to be affiliated with Line 6, Marshall Music SA, HFX Group and MI Audio.   Click here to go to the Line 6 page to view demonstration videos, to download HD500X Patches and find out more about Line 6 products
Peter is a South African born guitar player who has recorded 3 instrumental albums. He specialises in the melodic rock genre and has teamed up with various musicians to record these albums. He also plays guitar for a South African country rock band, Clint & Co and has been involved with this band for the past 12 years. He is an artist liaison for Marshall Music SA and MI Audio. In January 2016 he become a brand ambassador for Line 6 South Africa. Peter has put together numerous videos demonstrating Line 6 and MI Audio products. For his new album, Wide Open Spaces, Peter has collaborated with HFX Group which has helped to make this album a reality.
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